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Car getting inspected


Lesson 10

Part 2



Pennsylvania Vehicle, Insurance, Inspection and Emissions Regulations



Vehicle Registration


Vehicles registered in the State of Pennsylvania must be renewed every year. You must provide the Department of Transportation with valid and current insurance information to receive this registration. You should receive a new vehicle registration form in the mail approximately 2 months before the current registration expires. After you have mailed a check to PENNDOT and provided the proper insurance information, you will receive a sticker to attach to your license plate, along with a new owner’s card that must be kept with the vehicle at all times. You will be required to provide this registration card at the time you receive a ticket or you have a motor vehicle accident. To get further information on the vehicle registration process, or to register your vehicle on line, go to https://www.dot3.state.pa.us/motor_vehicle/index.shtml



Insurance Regulations


To receive a valid vehicle registration in the State of Pennsylvania, you must provide proof of insurance. You may provide at the time of a vehicle purchase an original or faxed copy of a valid insurance card. This insurance card contains the name of the vehicle owner, the insurance policy number, and the effective dates of the insurance policy.




For more information on the insurance regulations, go to http://www.ins.state.pa.us/ins/cwp/view.asp?a=1282&q=525003.



Vehicle/Emissions Inspection


Vehicles in the State of Pennsylvania require a vehicle and emissions inspection once a year. Service stations in your area can provide this service. The fees for this service vary from station to station, so price shop to get the best deal. All of the requirements and regulations can be found at http://www.drivecleanpa.state.pa.us/drivecleanpa/archive/brochure.pdf.



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