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Check tire pressure.


Lesson 6

Part 6




Regular vehicle inspections can help to prevent expensive repairs. Have a mechanic inspect and service your car twice a year or every 6000 miles.


Worn or damaged tires are dangerous. Check tires regularly for wear and replace when wear bars show.


While accelerating, check to feel that the pedal moves up and down without hesitation or sticking. Have any problems corrected without delay.


Replace windshield wiper blades as soon as they begin to leave streaks on the windshield.




Any time your vision is blocked or reduced, your ability to maneuver safely is also reduced.


A build-up of rain or slush combined with high speed can cause your car’s tires to hydroplane.


Snow tires help improve traction on loose snow, but tires chains work better.


In an emergency, safety belts help keep you behind the wheel and prevent passengers from being thrown against you.


To recover from a skid, release the gas pedal and the brake. Then steer in the direction you want the front of the car to go.


When jump-starting a stalled car, do not attach the negative cable to the dead battery.



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