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Lesson 8

Part 2





Lock your doors and fasten your safety belt before starting the engine. Remind your passengers to do the same.


Before pulling away from the curb, press the service brake pedal down firmly to check for adequate brake pressure.


When you play the radio or cd player in your car, keep the volume down. Remember that you must be able to hear warning sounds: car horns, train whistles, and sirens.


In an emergency, you can slow or stop the car with the parking brake if the service brake fails.




To operate your car safely, you need to know the location and function of all gauges and indicators on the instrument panel.


The location of the hand and foot controls may vary from one car to another. For safety, learn where these controls are before you begin to drive any car.


Headlights, turn signals, and other features help you communicate with other highway users. These devices can help prevent collisions.


Safety belts and restraints help reduce injuries in a collision.


Before you enter a car, always check to be sure there is nothing in your intended driving path.


Adjust the rearview mirrors so that you can see any vehicles approaching from the rear.


Always lock your car when you leave it.



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