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Websites for New and Experienced Drivers





Purchasing your first new or pre-owned vehicle can be a frightening experience. With the use of the internet, it helps you to do your homework before you step foot into the car dealer showroom. Websites such Kelley Blue Book.com, can give you a specific price either for purchasing or selling a new or pre-owned vehicle. Kelley Blue Book can give you the exact amount you should be expected to pay, depending on the condition of the car. It tells you how much you should expect to pay to the dealership or if you are purchasing a vehicle privately. It also lists the exact sticker price of a new vehicle and how much you should be able to pay over the invoice amount.



Before purchasing a new vehicle, it is a good idea to go on one of many websites that publish crash test results. One such website is http://www.theautochannel.com/db/crashtest.html. This website is published from The Auto Channel, and when you log onto this website, you can look up a specific type of vehicle, even your specific year, and locate the crash test results. The charts give the ratings of the front driver and passenger, the side driver and passenger, and have recently added the roll-over resistance rating due to the high number of SUV roll-overs.

You may also enter this website before determining which type of vehicle you wish to purchase, and they will let you know which vehicles in each class had the best crash test rating. For instance, the crash test results have selected the Volkswagen Jetta the “best pick” for side impact protection in 2006.




This site also has done a study on tires, and which ones are the safest. There is additionally a website from Consumer Affairs, which goes into consumer’s complaints regarding tires at http://www.consumeraffairs.com/tires/. Before purchasing new tires for your car, you may want to go onto one of these sites, because there is a lot riding on your tires.




Motor oil is a very important part of your car’s engine. Your motor oil needs to be changed in accordance with your Owner’s Manual. The amount of times your motor oil needs to be changed is translated into miles driven. One way to find information about motor oil is to go on http://www.rateitall.com/t-97-motor-oil-brands.aspx. This website goes into reviewing and explaining the pros and cons of each type and brand of motor oil.




Every vehicle on the roads in the State of Pennsylvania, must have valid auto insurance before you may register your vehicle. There are many types of policies and many insurance companies out there. One such way to check on various insurance companies and what is available to you is to go on the site http://www.edmunds.com/apps/vdpcontainers/do/vdp/articleId=92300/pageNumber=1. They discuss how to determine how much insurance you will need, how to go about choosing an insurance company, etc.




The type of gasoline and the octane level to be used in your car can be researched on a website whose address is http://www.usatoday.com/money/autos/2003-07-30-premium-side_x.htm. USA Today reviews specific car manufacturers and what octane levels should be used in the vehicle. Gas prices in the United States are extremely high, and in most foreign or domestic cars today, the regular gasoline can safely be used in your vehicle. Some high performance cars may need the higher octane levels, but this website can answer those questions.


Almost anything related to the purchase and maintenance of a new or used car can be found on the internet. The best consumer is an educated consumer. Websites such as Consumer Reports.com cover almost anything you need to maintain your vehicle from car wax and car soaps, to how to find vehicle financing. Use your internet tool to help you take good care of your vehicle, as it is always one of the biggest purchases you make in your lifetime, and you will make many vehicle purchases over your lifetime, so make good choices.


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