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Lesson 9

Part 2





When shopping for a car, consider how much you can afford, what options or features you want, and whether a new or used car would be best.


Thoroughly inspect and test drive any car before you decide to buy it.

Check a used car carefully for defects. Take it to a mechanic or diagnostic center for inspection.


Financing for the purchase of a car is available from credit unions, banks or car dealerships. Compare interest rates to determine the best deal.


Car ownership costs include depreciation, insurance costs, interest payments, gas, maintenance and repair costs, and parking and toll fees.

Read all contracts and check the vehicle warranty before completing the purchase.


Insurance coverage protects drivers from financial losses resulting from an accident. Such coverage is required in the State of Pennsylvania.


Liability insurance covers you for injury to other people or to another’s property. Collision insurance covers damage to your own vehicle. Comprehensive coverage protects you from losses not caused by a collision.




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